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The Long Arc of Light and Gravity

Author(s): Greg Poole

The nature of light and gravity is explored in this exciting new frontier of cosmic electrodynamics. The light gravity equivalence formula 𝑔 = 𝑐2 𝑟 proves electro-radiation to be the driving force of gravity. Like Isaac Newton’s cannonball, photon torpedoes are represented as projectiles launched from Earth, which produce flight times, have a launch angle and travel incredible light year distances. Altitudes are represented as deflections of light, or the long arc of light; a bending pattern which we know creates inward acceleration or (g). The Earth is again represented as a mass spectrometer to explain how its electromagnetic field bends particles and light to create gravity. Electromagnetic fields traveling at the speed of light radiate outward from the center of the Earth’s core. The Earth behaves as a rotating spherical antenna emanating a circular radiation pattern, extending all the way to a distance of a light year and beyond. Keywords

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