The Effect of Stress When using hexa-Chromium and Tri- Chromium on Some Metabolic Aspects of Zea mays L.

Author(s): Nisreen Hamza* and Nadim Al-Muhanna

The aim of this study was to determine the effect of stress by using tri-chromium and hexa-chromium on total protein metabolism and protease enzyme activity in yellow maize seedlings (Ghouta 82), and simultaneously monitoring changes in morphological traits of the plants for 6 days after planting in water and potassium sulphate solutions at concentrations of 30 mg / L and 50 Mg / l and 65 mg/l, and solutions containing the tri-chromium with concentrations of 30 mg / L, 150 mg / L and 200 mg / L. The results revealed that the solutions used in the work have a disincentive effect on the metabolism of total proteins whose quantity decreased in seedling. The results also showed clearly an increase in the effectiveness of protease enzyme in the presence of pollutants in planting field compared with the water field.

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