The effect of plasma treatment on growth and yield of berseem (Egyptian clover) crop

Author(s): G.M.El-Aragi

Non-thermal plasma technology was used to evaluate the effect of exposure on growth and yield of berseem crop (Egyptian clover). The exposure system that was used to generate plasma radiations is the atmospheric pressure plasma jet (APPJ). This system produces a high flux stream of reactive chemical species at atmospheric pressure and low temperature. The clover seedswere divided equally (100 gram weight) into several groups: one unexposed control group and other tested groups (six groups) which were exposed to different number of pulses i.e. different doses of radiations. Among the treatments, all tested groups (1, 3, 5, 7 pulses) except for other two tested groups (9 and 11 pulses) have positive effect of an increased growth of clover crop relative to control group. The field experiments were conducted at EgyptianAtomic EnergyAuthority (EAEA) farm.

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