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The Decoupling Cosmology Theory

Author(s): Shaojun Zhang

By putting forward the basic hypothesis "Energy Possesses No Gravitation", the energy equation and the motion equation of each stage of the development and evolution of the cosmos are obtained by solving the equivalence principle integrally in the flat space or inertial coordinate system. By comprehensive studying the energy equation and motion equation, the expressions of the cosmic critical scale and the initial cluster of nebulae critical scale (namely the galaxies critical scale), were found and given; During the process of matter and energy decoupling, about 3.3 billion initial cluster of nebulae of the critical scale were generated, and the cosmic scale was at least "Expand Expansion (2E)" at 1,300 times long, and the isotropic homogenization was basically realized above the critical scale; by assuming that the cosmos was born in the "Resonance" of the quantum fluctuation of static photons, deriving the early cosmos grew up at the speed of light and produced elementary matter particles at the speed of light, giving the early cosmos "Light-speed Growth Theory (LGT)" without the Big Bang, inflation and singularity theory; It was found that the rotation during the expansion of the gravitational field of the gas matter was the origin of rotational motion and the de-homogenization of anisotropy in galaxies; It was found that the plasma gas photon decoupling energy was the dark energy of accelerated expansion of the cosmos, the missing mass is the illusion of photon decoupling energy beyond the critical scale, the expressions of the photon decoupling energy and the ultimate expansion velocity of the cosmos are derived, and the exact values which are in good agreement with the Hubble constant were given; proposed and proved through multiple evidences that isotropic homogeneous matter field possesses no gravitation; the Hubble constant and cosmic age expression were derived, and the main parameters of the cosmos, such as the critical scale, were given according to the estimation of the relevant motion equation; By macro energy conservation of the cosmos, it was concluded that the gravitational potential energy was the contraction potential formed after the cosmic thermal expansion energy was converted into inertial rotation energy, the thermal expansion energy, the inertial rotation energy and the gravitational potential energy were transformed in turn and equivalent, and predicts that neutrino thermal expansion energy is the main energy of the formation of gravitational potential energy. Finally, by comparing Friedman-Lemaitre solution equal to the energy equations of the various periods of the cosmos, the expressions of curvature constant K and cosmic factor Λ were given, and the "Phenomenon of Gravitational Lens" is explained by the experiment of "Pseudogravitational Lens Effect". The core of this theory is through the basic assumption of "Energy Possesses No Gravitation", to separate matter and energy from their motion in coupled study of gravitational field, so it can be named "The Decoupling Cosmology Theory (DCT)". This theory can be supported by Hubble constant and Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB), and can also be verified by the nuances of the isotropic in different directions of the cosmos, the dark matter and critical scales in the galaxies, and the experiments of "Pseudo-gravitational Lens Effect" etc.

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