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Author(s): Khachatur Kirakosyan

The regularities of motion of physical bodies are formed by the addition of two components: the longitudinal, considered in traditional physics as the only form of manifestation of motion, and the transverse component - always with the closed curvilinear trajectory. It is with the characteristics of the transverse component of the motion that the content of the concept of "mass" is related. From the proposed definitions of mass and energy, it follows that their equivalence is caused by the unity of their dimensionless components. The doublets of particles are separated, which are the carriers of massenergy, the invariance of the number and potential of which is caused by the law of conservation of mass-energy. The oscillation of the mass of neutrino formations is considered taking into account the degree of compression of the environment for their production and research. One of the reasons for the violation of the law of conservation of mass with a constant number of composite particles is a temporal change in the order of the internal organization of particles. This phenomenon is related to the cosmological redshift, mutual removal of cosmological objects; it is assumed the presence of relation with dark energy.

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