Superposition model analysis of zero field splitting forMn2+ in (Mg)2SiO4 single crystals

Author(s): S.S.Hooda, R.S.Bansal

 The Newman superposition model has been used to investigate the substitution of Mn2+ for Mg2+ site in (Mg)2SiO4 single crystals. The calculated values of zero field splitting parameter b0 2 at room temperature fit the experimental one taken from the literature with average intrinsic parameters b2 (O) = —0.0419 c for oxygen taken t2 = 7 and t4 = 10 for Mn2+ doped in (Mg)2SiO4 single crystal. The values of b2 determined for Mn2+ doped in (Mg)2SiO4 single crystals is -0.073 cm-2. The superposition model analysis shows that for large values of b2 0, b2 2, b4 0, b4 2 and b4 4 intrinsic parameters 2 and 4 can be estimated with suitable error but for small values of these spin – Hamiltonian parameters it is very difficult to predict the correct sign and magnitude. The present study about superposition model is very useful to get information about the zero field splitting of parameters ions in some host single crystals

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