Study on Preparation and Properties of Water-based Epoxy Resin Expansive Fireproof Coating

Author(s): Rong-rong Zheng, Bo Xiao, Shu-wu Chen, Xing-wei Li, Ji-xin Li, Hai-yue Wang

In this work, the selection of epoxy resin as film forming material, amine as curing agent of two-component coating system as matrix, three (1-oxygen generation-1-p-2,6,7-three oxygen mixed double loop [2.2.2] octane-4-methylene) phosphate ester (Trimer) as the main body of the expansion of the flame retardant agent and coordinated effect agent composite, expanding fireproof coating was prepared. The influence of thickness of fireproof coating, face base ratio and synergistic agent on fireproof performance of fireproof expansive coating was studied. The results show that the fire resistance time and the height of the foamed carbon layer increase with the increase of the coating thickness, but the expansion ratio decreases gradually. The expansion ratio of 1.5 mm thickness coating has a tendency to increase sharply. The fire resistance of the coating is the best when the base ratio is 1.5:1. At the same addition amount, zinc borate showed positive synergistic effect on the fire resistance of the coating, while other synergistic agents showed negative synergistic effect.

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