Study on physical and handle properties of wool/cotton union fabric treated with enzymes and different pre-polymer finishing chemicals

Author(s): L. Ammayappan, J. Jeyakodi Moses

Wool/cotton union fabric was treated with a cellulase enzyme and a protease enzyme in separate and successive from followed by finishing with different pre-polymer finishing chemicals and their physical and handle properties were evaluated. The moisture related properties had been improved after each enzyme treatments and were modified after finishing, which depends on the nature of finishing chemicals applied. The tear strength of the fabric was reduced after enzyme treatments and it retained its original value in subsequent finishing treatments. The area shrinkage, drape coefficient and bending length of fabric were decreased after enzyme treatments and were further decreased in subsequent finishing treatments when compared to untreated fabric. The dry crease recovery angle and subjective handle were increased after enzyme treatments and was further increased significantly in finishing treatments. This study reveals that enzyme treatment followed by finishing with Sandosoft-SPG or Ceraperm-CW or their combination show better performance properties than other finished fabrics.

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