Study of Uni-Bivalent Ion Exchange Reactions using Strongly Acidic Cation Exchange Resin Indion-225

Author(s): P. U. Singare, R. S. Lokhandea and V. Y. Pattebahadur

The study on thermodynamics of ion exchange equilibrium for uni-bivalent H+ / Ba2+ and H + / Sr2+ reaction systems was carried out using ion exchange resin Indion-225. The equilibrium constant K was calculated by taking into account the activity coefficient of ions both in solution as well as in the resin phase. The K values calculated for H+ / Ba2+ and H + / Sr2+ reaction systems were observed to increase with rise in temperature, indicating the endothermic exchange reactions having enthalpy values of 13.6 and 30.6 kJ /mol, respectively.

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