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Space-time curvature values using the Schwarzschild model.

Author(s): Fernando Salmon Iza

In our last report published in this Journal and entitled "Calculation of the space-time curvature in the vicinity of Schwarzschild black holes. Application to Sagittarius A*" we had developed a method for calculating space-time curvatures based on the Schwarzschild model. and we had studied the results of curvatures at distances between 1 and 7 Schwarzschild radii. Now we extend our study calculating curvature values in a wider range of distances, between 1 and 1400 Schwarzschild radii, and we establish an equation by regression methods to calculate curvatures, at distances, from the center of black hole, between 1 and 1400 Schwarzschild radii. Our results allow us to calculate absolute values of curvature where the Schwarzschild model is valid. Keywords

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