simple reverse phase HPLC method for determination of partition coefficient of permethrin pesticide

Author(s): Tentu.Nageswara Rao, Tentu.Srinivasarao, Parvatamma.Botsa

The present study was conducted to determine the partition coefficient of permethrin. The log Pow was calculated for the permethrin from the calibration curve generated from log k versus log Pow (capacity factor) of seven known reference compounds. Reference compounds and test item k values were generated using an HPLC equipped with Phenomenox C18 column. The isocratic HPLC method used in the study consisted of a mobile phase of methanol/HPLC water (90:10) on a reverse phase Phenomenox C18 column. Since, test item resulted in two peak areas permethrin-P1 and permethrin-P2, when analysed in HPLC, the calculation of weighted average log Pow was adopted and the weighted average log Pow value of test item was found to be 5.88 ±0.001

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