Relations Between Molecular Structure Of Terpenoids And Its Antimycotic Activity Against Candida Albicans

Author(s): Fabiana Maguna, María Nuñez, Nora Okulik

To analyze a series of terpenoids in order to select a set of molecular descriptors which are capable to predict suitably the antimycotic activity against Candida albicans. The multiple linear regressions were carried out and the best model was selected according to square correlation coefficient (r2) and the standard deviation(s). We found a predictive model statistically significant which is built with five descriptors and with r2 = 0.97 and s= 0.40. The cross-validation method and the Jacknife test were used for validation of the model. The model presented in this work seems to be statistically significant, with a rather good capacity to predict the antimycotic activity against Candida albicans.

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