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Quantum volume of discrete space and its growth rate

Author(s): Rakesh Kumar Pandey

In the present theoretical work limited to stationary mass, we have attempted to derive an expression for the quantum volume of discrete space and its growth rate by combining gravity and electromagnetic field using Gauss’s law of gravitation, Einstein’s mass energy equivalence, deBroglie hypothesis and Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. It is found the gravity is a composite effect of electromagnetic field and the space is an artifact of basic natural forces that symmetrically increases with constant rate 9.81972  10-61 m3 s-1. It is observed that the spacetime line is straight whose reverse extrapolation brings the space zero at Planck’s time -tP  5.39106 (32)  10-44 s if tP is at origin indicates the universe may have come into quantum existence with volume thrice of quantum volume within framework of physical laws when it already had an age  10-43 s otherwise, space and time have the same origin. The unification reveals charge and matter do exist simultaneously and both are dregs of EM field. The sizes of electron and proton are also calculated and reported in terms of quantum mass and quantum length.

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