Quantitative Estimation of Felodipine by Zero and First Order Derivative Area under Curve Spectrophotometric Methods in Bulk and in-house Tablets

Author(s): Jain PS*, Ansari NA and Surana SJ

The main objective of the proposed methods is to disclose simple, accurate, precise, reproducible and sensitive UV-spectrophotometry methods for the estimation of Felodipine in Bulk and in-house formulation tablets. Further, this study is designed to validate the developed methods as per ICH guidelines. Felodipine is a long acting calcium channel blocker anti-hypertensive agent. Four simple UVSpectrophotometric methods were established by using Double beam UV-Spectrophotometer (UV-2450, Shimadzu), Felodipine showed maximum absorbance at 237.60 nm (λ max). The calibration curves were plotted in the concentration range of 03-18 μg/mL. The % recovery was found to be in the range of 99-101%. The precision of the proposed method was calculated in terms of %RSD <2, methods are rugged and precise. Proposed methods can be used for routine analysis of Felodipine in bulk and in-house formulations.

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