Pulsed cold plasma jet generated at atmospheric pressure

Author(s): G.M.El Aragi

Non-equilibrium cold plasma jets generated under atmospheric pressure by means of high voltage pulsed power generator are extended up to a few centimeters long in the surrounding air. The generator is consisting of a negative dc source, a Blumlein-type pulse-forming network (EPFN), and a dynamic spark gap switch. The plasma jet generated by the device using helium as the operating gas depends on the applied voltage and the gas flow rate. It is found that the plasma jet width and the radiant intensity depend on the discharge current. The experimental results show that the average velocityof the plasma bullets is estimated to be about 5.5×106 cm/ s. The magnetic field radiated from an atmospheric pressure room temperature plasma plume is measured. It’s found that the peak value of the magnetic field strength about 900 gauss at 1cm away from the nozzle.

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