Preparation of hollow cobaltic carbon composite microspheres via one-pot template self-ablated process

Author(s): Jie Ma, Shuping Zhang, Wei Liu, Yan Zhao

A novel one-pot template self-ablated hydrothermal method is developed to prepare hollow carbon nanocomposite microspheres. In the system, Co2O3 particles are used as template reagents which are eroded by glucose at moderate conditions. The hollow contained Co2+ composited carbon microsphere is obtained. It is found one part of glucose coated the templates reduces Co2O3 into CoCO3 nanoparticles. Another part of glucose is carbonized into carbon. This template self-ablated process is confirmed by some important products analysis data including XRD, FTIR, SEM, and TEM. The concentration influence of glucose on the hollow nanocomposite microsphere is discussed.

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