Plant Research: A Boom or a Doom?

Author(s): Taagore Ananda Kumar B

Plant tissue culture refers to growing and multiplication of cells, tissues and organs of plants on contours solid or liquid media underneath sterile and controlled surroundings. The industrial technology is based totally on micropropagation, during which fast proliferation is achieved from small stem cuttings, axillary buds, and to a restricted extent from bodily embryos, cell clumps in suspension cultures and bioreactors. the aesthetic cells and tissue will take many pathways. The pathways that result in the assembly of true-to-type plants in massive numbers square measure the well-liked ones for industrial multiplication. the method of micropropagation is sometimes divided into many stages i.e., pre-propagation, initiation of explants, social group of explants for proliferation, shooting and growing, and hardening. These stages square measure universally applicable in large-scale multiplication of plants. The delivery of hardened tiny micropropagated plants to growers and market conjointly needs additional care.

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