Photoluminescence of compounds of cerium aluminates and europium aluminates doped

Author(s): P.C.Piña, R.L.D.González

Two ceramic aluminates luminescent doped: (M1) Ce0.93Eu0.07Al0.93Cr0.07O3 and (M2) Eu0.93Ce0.07Al0.93Cr0.07O3 have been synthesized via solid state. Results show that DRX are: fluorite structure CeO2 for M1 by due oxidation of Ce3+ at Ce4+ and perovskite structure AlEuO3 for M2. SEM shows in M1 isolated globules of approximately 1.0ìm, connected or with appearance of nanotubes and in the compound M2 globules agglomerated or geometric particles with edges rounded between 1ìm<5ìm. Analysis EDX indicates the purity of the samples. The photoluminescence spectra of the doped samples M1 and M2 is similar, the difference is the band at 725-800 present only in the M2 may that be influenced by the high concentration of europium oxide. Strong red emission centering at 613 nm is due at Eu3+ in both samples.

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