On the stability of dufour- driven generalized double-diffusive shear flows

Author(s): Hari Mohan, Pardeep Kumar, Sada Ram

The present paper investigates the stability of Dufour –driven generalized double-diffusive shear flows. The physical configuration is that of a horizontal layer of an incompressible inviscid heat conducting fluid of zero electrical resistivity in which there is a differential streaming U(z) in the horizontal direction and density variation ( ) 0  f z in the vertical direction while the entire system is confined between two horizontal boundaries of different but uniform temperature and concentration with the temperature and the concentration of the lower boundary greater than that of the upper one or vice-versa, 0  being a positive constant having the dimension of density and U(z) and f (z) being continuous functions of the vertical coordinate z with  0 dz df everywhere in the flow domain. Sufficient conditions are derived for overstability to be valid and bounds are presented for an arbitrary unstable mode of the system for the cases when the temperature and the concentration make opposing contributions to the vertical density gradient.

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