On the asymmetric and orientation effects in high luminosity radio sources

Author(s): C.C.Onuchukwu, A.A.Ubachukwu

We examine a simple statistical consequence of relativistic beaming model using the fractional separation distance (x) and projected linear size (D) as orientation indicators. Our analysis shows that the observed x - D intercept for high luminosity lobe-dominated radio source sample provides an upper limit to the value of the expansion speedsof ~0.58  0.12, r = - 0.9 and ~0.47  0.07, r = -0.9 with an average speed of ~ 0.23  0.12 and 0.16  0.08 respectively for quasars and galaxies. These values are consistent with the relativistic beaming scenario and orientation paradigm and indicate that relativistic motion persist at kiloparsec regions of extragalactic radio sources.

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