Numerical analysis of pairs creation by Schwinger effect in nucleons and the betadecay process acceleration

Author(s): Stefan Mehedinteanu

In the paper is done an application of the Dual Ginzburg-Landau-Pitaevski (DGLP) theory to a nucleon, in order to obtain data for the strong electromagnetic fields inside the nucleons and theirs interactions. Therefore, it is proved for the first time, that in the nucleon exist sufficiently high electromagnetic fields that permit to continue (with a rate of  1 pair) extract from vacuum of pairs e+ – e- (virtual) of high energy electrons, of W, Higgs bosons, quarks, by a Schwinger effect, etc, to transform its into real one of very short time life, just like in a veritable laboratory. Thus, it was discovered for the first time that v.e.v. is in fact the Schwinger critical field Ecr for the pair W creation from vacuum. These pairs decay or annihilate into electrons, which passes the monopole condensate barrier as beta-electrons by quantum tunneling due of the phase slip with 2 –  and of a 0 energy release, the entire model is proved for a free neutron decay life-time. Equally, the same Schwinger pairs-production rates are enhanced by a thermal Boltzmann factor in place of quantum tunneling, when this thermalization due of the incidence of an high thermal spike of a photon with nucleons destroys the superconductivity. This effect is proved in the case of 26Al, through its -decay to 1.809 MeV -ray, when at high temperatures (T9 = 0.42GK) equilibrium is reached between 26gsAl and 26mAl which is relevant to some high temperature astrophysical events such as novae. In other applications, as based on these data, there are calculated: the Higgs boson energy release due of two gluons fusion during the pp collision at LHC, the gluon pair production from space-time dependent chromofield due of the collision of pp and of heavy nuclei.

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