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New Concept of Physics Energy Behaviour and its Application in Cosmology to Define Gravity Value from Einstein's Relativity

Author(s): K Houssam

The goal is to define Quantum Gravity Value by combination between our new concept about physics energy behaviour and Einstein relativity's Theory. Our theory is based on the existence of a relationship between energy and vacuum!, So; it can be considered that the energy is a function of the vacuum ratio. Therefore; we can say that vacuum ratio is constitutes a part of space-time. With simple mathematical formula we can easily obtain the equation of the Energy Vacuum. This gives us the distribution of the energy Vacuum (E) into two parts are inversely proportional from our vacuum energy diagram, the effective energy that the sole responsible for Curvature of space-time fabric, and the lost energy that the responsible of the Gravitational waves. From this equations we can find that the relationship with Energy and Vacuum ratio is linear which are compatible with Quantum Mechanics laws and Maintains the energy conservation principle. It is also observed that the equations obtained through our theory are Combining relativity and Quantum Mechanics into one continuum. If we take the equations of our theory, we can easily obtain from Curvature of Space-Time Fabric the Gravity value equation which equal to the square root of energy multiply times the square of the vacuum ratio. On other hand; A curvature matrix and a Time Dilation's Circle are proposed, which gives us a new method to facilitate the calculations of the parameters involved in the Space-Time Curvature.

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