Nano emulsion for nanotechnology, size-controlled synthesis of Pd (II) nanoparticles via nano emulsion liquid membrane

Author(s): N.El-Said, A.T.Kassem, H.F.Aly

Palladiumnanoparticleswith lowpolydispersitywere fabricated via emulsion globules of various sizes with same sauter mean diameter has been proposed for this purpose. In this paper, the important variables affecting sauter mean diameter of the emulsion drops, including injection method of emulsion, stirring speed, oil phase viscosity, composition of inner water phase and solute permeation rate are also systematically investigated of HCl/Co(III)dicarbolide/xylene/HCl forming (PdCl4)-2 in the presence of Span 80/85 as the surfactants. The particle size, ranging from 3.2 to 4.2 nm, was optimized be controlled by variation of the surfactant, the agitation time and the concentrations. Nano-emulsions were prepared using the spontaneous emulsification mechanism as non-equilibrium systems. XRS,SEM and surface area were used for analysis and the optimized coditions of nanopalladium was 2.5, 1.1 and 0.1 for O/S,glouble diameter and polydispersity respectively. The studies on optimization methods for nano-emulsion gloubles be a required.

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