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Is Dark matter the Cause of Cold in the Universe?

Author(s): Rogelio Perez Casadiego

Ancient and medieval scientists knew that there should be a matter that filled the universe, which was necessary to explain the nature of the universe, they called this type of matter "ether", modern scientists due to observation in the rotation of galaxies, concluded the existence of such ether but called it dark matter, and the most advanced research concluded that this hypothetical matter does not emit enough electromagnetic radiation to be detected with current technical means, but whose existence can be inferred from the gravitational effects it causes on visible matter, as well as on the anisotropies of the cosmic microwave background present in the universe. This work responds to this mystery and to each of the known characteristics of dark matter. To respond to dark matter or ether, we must first understand how matter originated in the universe, the most accepted explanation, is known as the big bang, it explains that the whole universe was filled with a plasma, and as we all know that plasmas are mostly composed of ions, Then all the matter that filled the universe were ions, the scientific explanation also tells us that these ions when they began to cool down, the universe was filled with a gas, what we know as the dark age, but a mystery happened, the gas became transparent, now we know that matter is neither created nor destroyed, it is only transformed, knowing that the matter that filled the universe in its principles were ions, we can say that today it is still full of the same ions, but transformed into crystalline ionic state, Because their atoms are solid, and because crystals have the entropy to reach temperatures of zero K, where their atoms do not emit enough radiation to be detected, this matter has become as the ancient ether, or the modern dark matter, but very easy to detect because of its very cold temperature.

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