Ionospheric precursor of 2008 Wenchuan earthquake using two-dimensional principal component analysis: A review

Author(s): Jyh-Woei Lin

Two-Dimensional Principal component analysis (2DPCA) has been used to examine ionospheric total electron content (TEC) during the time period from 07 to 12 May, which was in 5 days before ChinaÂ’s Wenchuan earthquake (UT) (Mw=7.9) at 06:28:00 on 12 May 2008 (UT) with the epicenter of |(31.119°N, 103.258°E). A TEC precursor represented with larger principal eigenvalue was detectable during the time period from 02:00 to 04:00 UT on 09 May over the epicenter with the duration time approximately 2 hours.

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