How Plant Cope Environmental Stresses: An Overview

Author(s): Vinay Kumar Pandey

Rapid growth in human population, ultimately affect our environment in many ways. For example, increase in food demands results in deforestation, and loss of soil fertility. Invasion of new plant species also disturb ecological balance and biodiversity. Plant applied various physiological mechanisms to sustain itself in changed environmental condition. Most of the local cultivars hardly survive in changed environmental conditions because nature takes millions of year for genetic modification. Rise of new cultivars, by gene manipulation may overcome these stress related issues. But what about wild plant varieties is a matter of discussion. In this review we discuss that how plant cope these stresses. How many types of stresses and what are the mechanisms they applied for tolerance? Although it is difficult to cover all physiological aspects governing in plant during, such condition. This review outlines the recent research findings and discusses the challenges, with particular emphasis on plant ability to cope with stress.

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