GC-MS Analysis of Petroleum Ether, Chloroform, Methanol Extracts of Cissampelos Pareira

Author(s): B. Samuel Thavamani, Molly Mathew and S. P. Dhanabal

Gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy (GC–MS) analysis was used to study the bioactive compounds present in the petroleum ether, chloroform and methanol extracts of Cissampelos pareira. GC-MS analysis of petroleum ether extracts showed the presence of 10 compounds of which 5 are nitrogenous compounds. Chlorofom extract of Cissampelos pareira showed the presence of 10 compounds of which 8 are nitrogenous compounds. Similarly methanol extract of Cissampelos pareria showed the presence of 8 compounds of which 7 are nitrogenous in nature. This GC-MS analysis gives an idea that phytoconstituents present in Cissampelos pareria are rich in nitrogenous substances. Some of the nitrogenous compounds identified from this plant in this study are aziridine, azocine, boraneamine, 1-(2-(2-hydroxyethoxy) ethyl) piperazine, 3-[3-[1-aziridinyl]propoxy]-2,5-dimethylpyrazine with the peak area of 1.95%, 1.89%, 2.34%, 13.07% and 0.24%.

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