Formation of cyclone and anticyclone in Jupiter: A battle of great red spot and red storm

Author(s): A.B.Bhattacharya, B.Raha

The formation of Jupiter and its different regions including its great red spot are first outlined. The boundaries of the zones and belts of the planet display complex turbulence and vortex phenomenon and the structure as a whole is dominated by the behavior of fluid mechanics. These characteristic patterns have been considered at length. The principle for the formation of cyclones in the Northern and Southern hemisphere is explained. The energy needed to power all the turbulence in the atmosphere of Jupiter is produced by the heat released from the planet’s core. The Great Red Spot, an anticyclone storm situated at 22° south of Jupiter’s equator and the red storm properties are examined considering the associated environmental factors and possible encountering. The storms and lightning experienced on Jupiter have also been compared to those on Earth.

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