Energies and lifetimes for highly excited levels of Lu III

Author(s): Betul Karacoban, Leyla Ozdemir

The energies and lifetimes for the 4f14ns (n = 6-30), 4f14nd (n = 5-30), 4f14ng (n = 5-30), 4f14nf (n = 5-30), and 4f14np (n = 6-30) excited levels of doubly ionized lutetium (Lu III, Z = 71) have been obtained by using the relativistic Hartree-Fock (HFR) method. The Landé g-factors of these levels have been also calculated. In this method, configuration interaction and relativistic effects have been included in the computations combined with a least squares fitting of the Hamiltonian eigenvalues to the observed energy levels. We have compared the results with the available calculations and experiments in literature.

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