Ecology of Riparian Vegetation of Lund Khuwar, District Mardan, KP, Pakistan.

Author(s): Muhammad Nauman Khan1*, Nasir Khan2, Fazal Hadi1, Syed Mukaram Shah3 and Abdul Razzaq3

The current study was carried out on the riparian vegetation of Lund Khuwar, Kaloshah, District Mardan. During research 77 plant species belonging to 61 genera and 36 families were observed and described ecologically. Asteraceae having 8 genera (13.11%) and 10 species (12.98%), followed by Poaceae which was represented by 8 genera (13.11%) and 8 species (10.8%). Lamiaceae having 4 genera (6.55%) and 4 species (5.19%) and Moraceae had 3 genera (3.91%) and 4 species (5.19%). The leading genera were Acacia and Chenopodium with 3 (4.91%) species each. Genera like Amaranthus, Euphorbia, Juncus, Marsilea, Morus, Populus, Polygonum, Tegetes, Zinnia and Zizipus were consisting of two 2 (3.27%) species each. There were 2 (5.55%) families of Pterediophytes which were consisting of 4 (5.19%) species and 3 (4.91%) of the total genera. There were 4 (11.1%) families of Monocotyledoneae with 12 (15.85%) species and 30 (83.83%) families of Dicotyledoneae. The dicot families comprised of 61 (79.22%) species of the total number of species. Life form, leaf size, phenology and abundance classes were also determined during present study. The plants were identified with the help of available literature (Flora of Pak). The plants were submitted to the Herbarium of Centre of Plant Biodiversity, University of Peshawar, Pakistan.

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