Different spectrophotometricmethodsmanipulating ratio spectra for simultaneous determination of salbutamol and bromhexine in binary mixture

Author(s): KhalidAbdel-SalamM.Attia,MohammedW.I.Nassar,AymanOsman

Four simple, specific, accurate and precise spectrophotometric methods manipulating ratio spectra were developed and validated for simultaneous determination of Salbutamol (SL) and Bromhexine (BH) namely; dual wavelength, ratio difference, ratio derivative, mean centering. The proposed spectrophotometric procedures do not require any preliminary separation step. The accuracy, precision and linearity ranges of the proposed methods were determined. The four methods were applied for the determination of the cited drugs in tablets and the obtained results were statistically compared with a reported spectrophotometric method. The comparison showed that there is no significant difference between the proposed methods and the reported method regarding both accuracy and precision.

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