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Control of Energy and Torque for switched Reluctance Machine by DFEC

Author(s): Ehsan Shirzad

The following research deals with the control and optimization of the efficiency of Switched Reluctance Machines (SRMs) with a new method proposed for control. The new method proposed in this study, Direct Force and Energy Control DEFC, is based on Direct Torque Control (DTC). H. This control directly controls energy and force at the same time. The purpose of this control is to increase the efficiency of the SR motor and reduce motor torque ripple and vibration. In this study, we applied three control methods including the proposed method and the proposed method to control a switched reluctance motor. To prove the efficiency of DEFC, we compare our simulation results with those of his DEC, DFC, and traditional his DTC strategy. From the results, it was concluded that the proposed DEFC technique performed better than other methods, reducing the torque ripple to 10% and improving the performance of SRM.

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