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Combined Theoretical Signal (CTS): A Validated Universal Model Integrating Gravity and Quantum Physics

Author(s): Hazar Umutay OZTURKLER

The Combined Theoretical Signal (CTS) model, with a 90% or higher validity rate, stands as the first validated universal model integrating gravity and quantum physics. This manuscript presents the final validation and enhancement of the CTS model using recent pulsar-sourced gravitational wave data (J2322+2057, J2234+0611, J2043+1711, and J2317+1439) and strain data from GW150914, GW151226, GW190521, and GW200105. Our findings demonstrate a significant alignment between theoretical predictions and observational data, positioning CTS as a groundbreaking framework with profound implications for theoretical physics and cosmology. The CTS model not only bridges the gap between gravity and quantum mechanics but also offers a new perspective on the formation of massive black holes, the Quantum Cosmic Fabric (QCF), and the structure of the universe as an interconnected hierarchical tree of universes.
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