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Associated Production and Invariance under Space Inversion

Author(s): Richard Spitzer (USA)

A theory is proposed to explain the equality of the domains of validity of associated production and parity conservation in observed hadron processes by their physical identity. The theory accounts for the two phenomena as distinct manifestations of a single symmetry, invariance under space inversion, "P", alone. Its experimental test is provided by processes forbidden by strangeness but allowed by P invariance; specific examples are given. Analysis of already recorded data may reveal their presence. The theory is structured entirely in terms of symmetry-based dynamics-independent concepts, a defining feature of algebraic quantum field theory. It is formulated in terms of a set of localized processes and relations between them that determine the relative phases of P 2 of different hadron states with the same electric charge and baryon number. Observation of the proposed processes will establish associated production to be a consequence of different such relative phase values, without the need for an additional quantum number. Hadron interactions are embodied in the reducible representations of the orthochronous Poincaré group that describe interacting systems. The operation of a fundamental principle is formulated.

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