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Anthropic Universe and Cosmic Origin

Author(s): Najmuj Sahadat Sarkar*

Basically in this paper I have tried to show how the anthropic principle is affecting our actual existence. The manipulation of the values of a few physical parameters and constants is fundamentally controlling our existence one at a time. If some events did not happen or if some events happened then we would not exist in this universe. Through the Anthropic principle we understand that we have no special place in this universe. Moreover, it is easy to understand that life is full of uncertainty only because of the anthropic principle. It is not known which equation expresses fate! But we are really lucky today. Here are some nuanced differences between the Weak Anthropic Principle or WAP and the Strong Anthropic Principle or SAP. There are also some special concepts related to flat, close, open universe and new mysteries of dark energy. Let's see how much luck helped us at the very beginning.

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