An Unknown Pi of Circle in Between Two Known Squares in Deriving the True Value of Pi (1412th Proof)

Author(s): R Sarva Jagannadha Reddy

All over the world for the last 4000 years we have been struggling to find the correct and the exact value of Pi. Two values 22/7 and 3. 14159265358....have been used. Both are approximations. We consider Pi constant 3. 14159265358....is a transcendental number. The age old fundamental concept of Squaring a Circle remained unsolved till today. This author has been studying since1972 and discovered this method which shows the true Pi value and is 1/4(14 - root2) which is the exact value to Pi and further is an algebraic number. The unsolved problem called Squaring a Circle has also been solved now.

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