Advancements in Signature of a Classical Indian: The Agriculture

Author(s): Adusumilli HT

Agriculture is the cultivation of plants, fungi and animals for food, fibres, nutrients for nourishment and effective maintenance of growth and sustainability of an Individual human being. The primary source of work for a typical Indian is farming. Today, India ranks second worldwide in farm output. All urban industrial societies depend on the base of the food surplus produced by farmers. It is must to mention that without agriculture, there could be no downtowns, corporate world, industries and further developments. We can consider earth as a dead planet without agriculture. In some parts of Asia and Africa, there is evidence that 80% of labour force is engaged in agriculture. As it is considered as the principle enterprise of mankind through most of the recorded history, important economic activity in India, it is the time for guidance and briefing of modern advancements in the field of agriculture to horticulturist. This review examines the benefits of modern day agriculture. An assignment made necessary by the fact that aproportion share of the population has little connection to farms or rural areas and thereforea little moment to understand the nature of farming, especially the modern improvements that are both helping to better feed the world’s people and better protect the environment.

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