Acomparative analytical study of kaolin rocks fromukpor (Anambra state), ubulu-uku (Delta state) and ngwo white (Enugu state)

Author(s): U.P.Ojukwu, P.A.Egbo

Studies were conducted on the major and trace constituents of kaolin rock samples from Ukpor, Nnewi South Local Government Area ofAnambra State, Ubulu-uku, Aniocha South Local Government Area of Delta State and Ngwo White, Ngwo Local Government Area of Enugu State using gravimetry, flame photometry, titrimetry and colorimetry. The results of the analyses showed that kaolin rock samples contained percentage ranges of silica and the following metallic oxides: Si02 (0.84-50.86), CaO (0.84-2.34), A1203 (14.99-22.76), Mg0 (0.26-1.15), Fe203(0.30-1.65), Ti02 (1.61-6.32), Na2­0 (1.65-4.45), K20(0.45-1.68) and loss on ignition (L01) value (12.50-15.19). Comparison with standard specifications shows that these kaolin rock samples could be effectively applied in many industrial productions

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