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A Universal Physics Model based on Spherical Dimensions

Author(s): Andrew Bradford

In recent decades, physics has produced some interesting conclusions on the nature of our universe such as the expansion of space and singularities within black holes. There are equally fantastic conclusions of the nature of quantum particles and effects. Yet we also hear that physics cannot unify these theories and there are still many things which do not make sense or things which these theories predict which have not been found. Applying an engineering problem solving technique, one looks for common assumptions which might have been made but are incorrect. The common assumption which came to mind was Dimensions. All of physics assumes that the dimensions of Mass, Length and Time are unidirectional and linear. Physics performs mathematical extrapolations and dimensional analysis with an unquestioned assumption of the linearity and the fundamentality of 3 ML T . In addition, there appears to be an overriding assumption of the pre-existence of particles within larger particles. This paper proposes a radically different, yet readily understandable, alternative dimensional model. The model redefines those fundamental dimensions, repositioning an understanding of time and gravity, provides an alternative to the assumption of the preexistence of particles and proposes an elegant spherically dimensioned universal fabric from which everything in the universe can be constructed. The model presents a single basic physics dimensional framework on which all disciplines of physics could be reconfirmed or rebuilt. Physics appears to be attempting to resolve astronomical physics with gravity as the only field forming galaxies, stars, planets and moons while it tries to resolve atomic and quantum physics with an assumption of the pre-existence of particles plus electrical and magnetic fields to explain atomic and quantum effects. This unified physics model proposes that gravity, electric and magnetic fields are exactly the same entity, but in different dimensional directions. This combination of 3 directions of similar fields forms a fabric which constructs and transmits everything we observe in the universe

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