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A Theoretical Assay on the similarity of Light Refraction in a medium and the Compton Effect

Author(s): Abdelkrim Alileche

A further mathematical analysis of electromagnetic waves (EMWs) laws, namely the Planck law E=hv and an authorless law λv=c, reveals several issues in the interpretation of EMW refraction in a medium like glass, water etc. According to the current opinion, upon refraction EMWs keep their frequency before refraction. Such an interpretation overlooks many aspects of EMWs, and I am challenging it by stating that upon refraction the frequency of an EMW cannot stay as it was, it diminishes, and its wavelength becomes larger. This new opinion shows the similarity of EMWs refraction and the Compton effect and opens to new developments in physics such as new types of computers depending not on moving electrons but EMWs.

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