A Theoretical Assay on the Quantization of the Waves of Electromagnetic Waves Based on Logarithmic Analysis

Author(s): Abdelkrim Alileche

Electromagnetic waves (EMWs) are defined by two laws, the Planck law E=hv and an authorless law λv=c. Planck law was the basis and the start of the quantum era, that EMW energy is quantized in a way it can be delivered by a small amount called h. This leaves the wavelength in an ambiguous status. It is my opinion that the second law can be expressed in a logarithmic way. This mathematical interpretation, never been used before, is the basis of EMW λ quantization. Every frequency v of an EMW is associated with a specific λ. This way EMW are quantized in their energy and wavelength. Other waves in nature like water, sound and seismic are not quantized at all.
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