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A new phenomenology of force and energy

Author(s): Giustino Travaglini

Until now in modern physics energy and force have been considered two separate and distinct entities, the various forces of nature have not been linked into a single, coherent theory, and general relativity shows inconsistencies with some mechanical phenomena quantum. The purpose of this article is to show that energy and force are a single entity which I will refer to as "energy force" furthermore general relativity can harmonize with quantum mechanics in a single theory but needs to be expanded. To arrive at this result, I used recent studies carried out on some phenomena of quantum mechanics, in particular on the existence, nature and characteristics of "quantum entanglement". The results obtained from the observation and study of "quantum entanglement" show that energy and force are one and that light is to be considered not as an entity that moves with a constant speed but as a accelerating entity which, under certain circumstances, can exceed the 300,000 km/s barrier.

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