Study Of B (E2) Values Of Even-Even72-78Ge32 Isotopes Using Interacting Boson Model-1

Author(s): Hasan M, Tabassum M, Roy PK, Tasnim MM, Sakib KN and Islam J*

The Electric Reduced Transition Probabilities have been estimated for the even neutron numbers of 𝟑𝟐𝑮𝒆 𝟕𝟐−𝟑𝟖 isotopes using Interacting Boson Model-1 (IBM-1). The U(5) symmetry, values, intrinsic quadrupole moments and deformation parameters of even neutron of isotopes have been studied. The R4/2 values of isotopes have been calculated for the first and energy states and thus U(5) limit is identified.

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