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 Management (or managing) is the management of an business enterprise, whether or not it is a commercial enterprise, a no longer-for-income company, or authorities body. Management includes the sports of putting the method of an corporation and coordinating the efforts of its employees (or of volunteers) to accomplish its goals thru the utility of to be had resources, together with financialherbaltechnological, and human resources. The time period "management" may additionally discuss with those folks who manage an agency individually. Journal of Management & Organization (JMO) is an international, peer reviewedjournal imparting excessive pleasant studies throughout the management area. It ambitions to provide international views on control and companies of gain tostudentseducators, college students, practitionerspolicymakers and specialists global and welcomes contributions throughout the control, sociology,psychology and political science areas of studies. JMO invitations hard hitting and arguable contributions on contemporary or applicable topics but need to be supported by using desirable, empirical studies.



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