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Nano Science and Nano Technology : An Indian Journal

Volume 6(3), 2012

Application of modified alumina coated magnetite nanoparticles as sorbent for separation/preconcentration of mercury trace amounts and its determination by cold vapor atomic absorption spectrometry  
Mohammad Ali Karimi*
Laleh Sotoudehnia Korani

Spectroscopic comparison of UV-VIS electronic transitions of Cr ions in solution, sol and Xerogel silica matrices
Wesam A.A.Twej*
Baha T.Chiad
Abbas J.H.Al-Wattar
Qussay M.Salman

Qualitative and quantitative analysis on cellular uptake of Cerium Oxide nanoparticles in the human lung cancer cells
Guoqiang Zhou*
Wenying Wang
Huiling Liu, Yang Li
Jinchao Zhang

Physicochemical characterization of Swarna Bhasma: A micro/nanoparticle used in traditional Indian medicine
Ujjal Kumar Sur*
Gopa Mandal
Tapan Ganguly

Exact solutions of the one-dimensional, two-dimensional, and three-dimensional ising models
    Full Text (PDF)
Igor A.Stepanov


Development of silver doped nanocomposite using solgel technique
Surender Duhan*
Sunita Devi

Synthesis of water-soluble single-walled nanotubes by functionalization via esterification
Javad Azizian*
Mahdieh Entezari
Abolghasem Shameli
Shahab Zomorodbakhsh


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