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Chemistry : An Indian Journal

ISSN : 0972-8376



The Chemistry : An Indian Journal is devoted to the rapid publication of fundamental research papers on all phases of chemistry. All contributions shall be rigorously refereed and selecting on the basis of quality and originality of the work as well as the breadth of interest to readers. The journal publishes the most significant new research in all phases of chemistry being done in the world today, thus ensuring its scientific priority.

It provides a platform for the rapid exchange of research in the areas of...
Miniaturization of analytical systems, bioanalyses, chromatography, mass spectrometry, electrophoresis, electrochemistry, sampling and sample handling, atomic and molecular spectroscopy
Biochemistry, cell biology, developmental biology, immunology, molecular biology, neurobiology, plant biology, proteomics
Chemical engineering, process engineering, biotechnology, design of apparatus
Behaviour, prevention treatment and control of mineral, organic and radioactive pollutants. Green chemistry, environmentally friendly synthetic pathways, and alternatively fuels. Environmental analytical chemistry, biomolecular tools and tracers. Water and soil contamination caused by waste disposal, industrial activities and management practices. Geological process that threaten or affect biosystems and people and remediation of man-made or geological hazards. Environmental management. Interface of analytical science with disciplines concerned with monitoring the natural and human environments with a view to assessing exposure and associated impacts
Synthetic and reaction chemistry, kinetics and mechanisms of reactions, bioinorganic chemistry and the use of metal and organometallic compounds in stoichiometric and catalytic synthesis of organic compounds
synthesis, kinetics, chemical modification, solution/ melt/solid-state characteristics, surface properties of polymeric materials, macromolecular theory and computer simulations, engineering processes of macromolecules
catalytic materials, biomaterials, chemical vapor deposition, coatings, clusters and colloids, composites, fluids and liquid crystals, glasses, inorganic solids/ceramics, inorganic/organic network, magnetic materials, metals, molecular crystals, microstructure, optical materials, phase transitions, polymeric materials, precursor routes to materials, self-assembled materials, sensors, sol-gel, semi-conductors, structural material, super-conductors, surface and interfacial, phenomena, thin films and monolayer, porous material, NLO materials
design, synthesis and biological studies of novel compounds or diagnostic agents, molecular modification with the help of - SAR and QSAR, molecular aspects of drug metabolism, novel methodology with broad application to medicinal chemistry, prodrug synthesis and drug targeting
miniaturization of analytical systems, bioanalyses, chromatography, mass spectrometry, electrophoresis, electrochemist, sampling and sample handling, atomic and molecular spectroscopy
chemistry and biochemistry of alkaloids, terpinoids, steroids, fatty acids, and heterocyclic, aliphatic, aromatic, and alicyclic natural products.
synthesis, structural chemistry, physical and chemical properties including reaction mechanisms, applications of organometallic reagents in organic, inorganic and polymer synthesis, use of catalyst in process in which they are intermediates, in synthetic aspects of material science and environmental organometallic chemistry

It is a must-read interdisciplinary journal that opens channels of information for synthetic organic chemists, medicinal and analytical chemists, pharaceutical scientists, biotechnologists, computational chemists, material scientists and agrochemists.


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