Physico-Chemical and Adsorption Studies of Activated Carbon from Henna Leaves and Pungam Bark

Author(s): Shanthi T and Ameeth Basha I

An effective usage of the adsorbent necessitates a deeper understanding of the adsorption characteristics. The present study examined the use of modified activated carbon derived from the widely available plant source of Henna leaves and Pungam tree bark. A series of activated carbon samples were prepared by subjecting the materials to chemical process. The physico-chemical properties and sorption abilities were compared. Adsorption of heavy metals of various concentrations was studied with synthesized activated carbon samples from batch adsorption studies. These materials accrue superior properties and good adsorption behaviors. The adsorption capacities of two of the selected derived carbon samples were much better than the capacities of the other carbon. The results reveal that the synthesized activated carbon could be employed as a low-cost alternative for the removal of heavy metal from waste water and industrial effluents.

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